• Powered off of phase A voltage AC/DC
  • Weatherproof to IP54 standard for use in any environment
  • 1000 VAC and 1500 VDC range
  • Auto CT identifies the current that the instrument is connected to and the range that it is in
  • Connection verification highlights if the product has been connected incorrectly
  • On-board data analysis which can compare results against compliance standards, including setting templates for internal company standards
  • Real time scope and DVM
  • IEC61000-4-30 Class A compliance

The MPQ2000 portable power quality analyser is a highly intuitive, advanced, portable three-phase analyser, delivering unmatched capability, in a rugged IP54 weatherproof enclosure. You can view RMS data, waveforms, demand data, phase angles, harmonics, unbalance, flicker, and more in real time with the MPQ1000 scope mode and DVM mode. When data needs to be recorded, the MPQ2000 record verification will automatically identify the current clamps, recognise their range, and verify the unit is connected properly. This means you can simply connect it and push the record button.

But the hardware is not all it’s about – behind the sturdy exterior is an intelligence that is focused on smart testing, with industry-leading software that enables you to minimise errors while testing, and quickly and easily analyse your results. The MPQ2000 can record for extended periods of time because of its massive memory. It uses an SD card, which makes expanding the memory as easy as simply installing a new SD card. The recorded data can be viewed on the MPQ2000 colour VGA display, or the data can be transferred to the high power Megger PQ Power Quality Analysis software via USB cable, USB drive, Ethernet, or directly from the SD card.

The free software, which requires no license, optimises the MPQ2000 to locate the power quality phenomenon such as lighting issues, computer problems, tripping breakers, and much more. It offers advanced charting, advanced waveform, and advanced harmonic analysis.

Product Documents

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