• High test current up to 1000 A
  • Measures the grid impedance of the phase and neutral conductor up to the 10th harmonic
  • Displays all measured parameters
  • Tests in accordance with DIN EN 61557-3; VDE 0413-3
  • Triggers load-sensitive and neutral faults
  • Performs multi-phase measurements and switches automatically between the test points
  • Highly accurate and simple to operate

With a test current of up to 1 kA, the NIM1000 impedance meter measures the network impedance of the phase and neutral conductors to the 10th harmonic.

This impedance meter triggers load-sensitive and neutral faults, detects weak contacts, and exposes hidden flaws. Depending on the earthing/grounding conditions of the tested grid, a multi-phase measurement calculates the impedance of the neutral conductor to detect defects that can cause severe safety issues.

The NIM1000 is a versatile device: it measures the current capacity under real-life conditions, determines the voltage dip resulting from a given load, and performs tests on cables, power supply lines, and busbars. Those tests help determine the correct dimensioning of installations, ensure a consistently good power quality, and prevent downtimes. The collected data provides a comprehensive and reliable evaluation of the power grid in terms of current load capacity and voltage fluctuations under load. 

With its simple operation, handy size, and bright colour display, NIM1000 is a user-friendly tester, developed specifically for the needs of low voltage utilities and their testing technicians who work in today’s demanding and competitive market conditions.

Product Documents

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