• Asset-centric approach promotes turnkey testing for operators
  • Separating asset from installation provides greater insight into asset service needs and issues
  • PowerDB dashboard secure cloud-based analysis software
  • Choice of manual, automatic, or sequence testing
  • Screen-level context sensitive help
  • Adaptable search capability
  • Asset management tools

The Megger Baker ADX automated static motor analyser is an innovative and transformational leap forward for motor testing in today’s demanding workplaces. It offers a comprehensive set of tests for assessing the health of electric motors, for monitoring and analysing trends in motor condition, and for locating faults.The portable ADX analysers provide, depending on the model, high voltage tests for surge, turn-to-turn partial discharge, insulation resistance, polarisation index, DC hi-pot and step voltage tests, as well as low voltage tests for winding resistance, inductance, and capacitance. A single set of plug-in high voltage Kelvin test leads means there is no need to change leads between tests.

All ADX analysers offer a choice of manual, automatic or sequenced testing. They also support configurable route-based site testing and incorporate a full range of asset management tools. Test results are displayed on an integrated 10.4-inch daylight viewable touch screen and are stored locally within the instrument. In addition, when an internet connection is available, the results are automatically synchronised with the cloud-based PowerDB Dashboard application which provides additional facilities for analysis, reporting, and archiving.

Megger Baker ADX static motor analysers are available in versions that support high voltage testing up to 4 kV, 6 kV, 12 kV, or 15 kV. All can be supplied in a basic configuration that offers DC insulation resistance, polarisation index, DC hi-pot and surge tests only, or in configurations with additional options that include low voltage resistance, inductance, and capacitance test, and facilities for partial discharge testing. A 15 kV unit with integral bar-to-bar surge test capability for DC armatures is also available.

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