• Monitoring instrument to detect partial discharge in medium and high voltage assets, such as transformer, rotating machine, Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS), Air Insulated Switchgear (AIS), and cable
  • Available in different versions depending on purpose and requirements
  • PD acceptance test according to IEC 60076-3
  • Remote access to asset’s condition with recorded monitoring through the monitoring web server (MWS)
  • PD spectrum analysis
  • Analogue signal processing
  • Available with pre-installed PCs or notebooks
  • Effective noise gating for blocking phase-stable or phase-independent noises

The ICMmonitor Portable partial discharge monitoring system is the portable version of the instrument the ICMmonitor. This instrument has been designed for assets that need to be monitored temporarily. Since it is not fixed installed, you can flexibly monitor one asset after another for a required period. To ensure reliable and precise results of the system under all harsh environmental or weather conditions, it is adviseable to use the protective housing the ICMoutlander.

The ICMmonitor partial discharge (PD) monitoring system consists of a spectrum analyser, an acoustic detector, and a conventional PD monitor. This combination enables you to perform PD measurements even with a lot of background noise e.g., on power transformers within substations or power plants. 

The multifunctional ICMmonitor, with its embedded display, convenient trending, and settable alarms, is an ideal solution for the permanent survey of electric devices in industrial and utility applications. There are various noise handling techniques to sense and remove noise without losing significant PD data. You can set alarm levels of NQS or Qp that will trigger when the unit exceeds the specific values.

The ICMmonitor also collects and displays PD data over a specified time interval for easy trending and observations of changes in the monitored system.


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