• Range includes 2 kV, 4 kV, 6 kV, and 12 kV models
  • Testing capabilities include: surge, winding resistance, Megohm, PI, DA, continuous ramp DC step-voltage, and DC hi-pot tests
  • 12 kV HO (high-output) version for performing surge tests on large motors and generators
  • Compatible with Baker PPX Power Packs to extend insulation testing voltage range (6 kV, 12 kV, and 12 kV HO versions only)
  • IEEE- and IEC-compliant surge test
  • Surge waveform comparison by the patented Pulse-to-Pulse Error Area Ratio (PP-EAR) technique
  • Incorporates advanced inter-turn assessment capabilities in a field portable instrument
  • Microsoft Windows 10 embedded operating system
  • USB port for data transfer and printing with Windows 10 plug-and-play printers

The Baker AWA-IV static motor analyser automatically performs repeatable, user-programmable tests to thoroughly assess the strength of a motor’s insulation and circuit. In fact, it is the only high voltage test instrument that you can program to perform a specific set of insulation tests prior to being in the field, and then use as programmed in the field. The AWA-IV is also used to assure quality of motor rebuilds or new production motors before they are placed into service.

The Baker AWA-IV is a simple-to-use test instrument with an intuitive, touch screen user interface. It delivers accurate, repeatable results regardless of the skill level of a given operator. It easily detects problems that low voltage testers cannot find by performing a comprehensive set of both high- and low-voltage tests. Results are presented in simple, easy-to-understand graphs and reports that give motor maintenance professionals the information they need to minimise costs and unplanned downtime. The ability to apply identical tests to a given motor over a long period allows trends to be analysed, revealing the degradation of insulation over the motor’s lifetime. This allows maintenance professionals to predict when a motor may fail, and plan its replacement accordingly.

The AWA-IV offers computer control and waveform monitoring advantages over equivalent manually controlled instruments. The analyser’s embedded computer conducts the tests, stores the results, and continuously monitors voltage levels while testing. If the analyser detects a weakness in the insulation during a given test, the test is interrupted, the operator is alerted and all test parameters at the time of the interruption are reported.

The AWA-IV’s benefits can be extended to low-impedance coils, such as armatures, through the use of the Baker ZTX low impedance coil accessory. The ZTX, which includes the ATF5000 commutator probe accessory, allows the AWA-IV to apply surge tests to coils which require higher currents.

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