• VLF, DC, and sheath fault testing in one device
  • Portable thanks to two-part construction
  • High test capacitance
  • Integrated discharge system
  • Reporting

The VLF CR-28, VLF CR-40, and VLF CR-60 are portable, high-performance, and energy-efficient cosine rectangular VLF cable test systems.

Design for testing cables with 0.1 Hz cosine-rectangular voltage according to IEC, IEEE, and CENELEC standards, these test systems are ideal for testing the dielectric strength of cables and joints after installation or repair.

These test systems have high test capacities and yet manage to be compact,because of the patented voltage wave-shape and the power recycling during polarity reversal. Aside from cable and sheath testing, the test systems can also be used for the precise pinpointing of sheath faults (in combination with a step-voltage probe).

There are three portable systems available, each with different voltage levels (28, 40, and 60 kVrms):

  • VLF CR-28 up to cable series 15 kV
  • VLF CR-40 up to cable series 23 kV
  • VLF CR-60 up to cable series 35 kV
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