• Ideal for standard compliant testing of long cables, such as submarine cables, in offshore wind farms
  • Covers cables up to 20 km at maximum voltage
  • Leakage current measurement
  • Integrated discharge system and breakdown detection
  • Reporting via MeggerBook lite

The VLF CR-60HP is a powerful 0.1 Hz VLF test system for testing cables with cosine rectangular wave voltage according to VDE, IEC, and IEEE.

The VLF CR-60HP test system can be used to test cables with operating voltage levels up to 36 kV at 3 Uo, or 66 kV-rated cables at 1.67 Uo. The system consists of a control unit and an HV unit. The high test capacity of 6.5 μF allows you to simultaneously test all three phases with standardised 0.1 Hz test frequency. Positive and negative DC testing of cables and connected switchgears can be carried out by switching to DC Mode. 

Aside from cable and sheath testing, the system can also be used to precisely pinpoint sheath faults (in combination with a step voltage probe like the ESG NT).


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