• Performs cable withstand testing, cable diagnosis, and sheath fault pinpointing
  • Smallest and lightest unit on the market in its class
  • Unique user-experience, thanks to a large, colour touch screen
  • Automatic result interpretation as per latest IEEE 400.2 standard
  • High safety, thanks to its analogue residual voltage indicator

The VLF Sine 62 kV, with integrated tan delta, is a compact, robust, and portable high-performance VLF sine wave test system for medium voltage cables.

The 62 kV tester is a multifunctional tool. In addition to VLF and DC testing, it can also perform sheath testing and sheath fault pinpointing when used in combination with the step voltage probe ESG NT/ NT2. Furthermore, the optional internal tan delta expands the system to assess both cable integrity and condition. The smart VLF system automatically adjusts the test frequency to the cable length, making even tests on 35 kV rated cables (up to 25 km) easy and reliable.

Field operations require no external computer. Equipped with intuitive operating software and a large internal memory, the VLF sine wave 62 kV evaluates and stores all data automatically. 

Using either a USB port or wireless connection to mobile end-device (coming soon), datasets can be easily exported and processed for report generation via the PC software MeggerBook Lite (included in delivery). What’s more, you can review all performed measurements either immediately or at a later point in time on the unit itself.


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