• Batteries can be tested in service
  • Battery cell monitor control integrated in the system
  • Can be used with lead-acid, Ni-Cd, and other battery types
  • Enhanced safety features including spark free connection, detection of blocked airflow, and emergency safety fuse
  • Dynamic discharge technology – full power at all voltages „
  • Real-time monitoring during test
  • A complete standalone discharge test system
  • Easy report function and calibration
  • Easily expandable for larger battery banks using TXL extra load units

The TORKEL900 series of battery discharge test systems are Megger’s fourth generation of battery discharge analysers. Discharge testing is the only test method that provides a comprehensive insight into battery capacity, and is therefore an essential part of vigorous battery maintenance programmes.

Tests with the TORKEL900 series can be conducted at constant current, constant power, constant resistance, or in accordance with a pre-selected load profile. What’s more, if you connect the BVM battery voltage monitor to a TORKEL900 unit, the TORKEL becomes a complete standalone discharge test system.

With the TORKEL900 series, you won’t need to disconnect the battery from the equipment. The TORKEL900 units use a DC clamp-on ammeter to measure the total battery current while regulating it at a constant level. If the voltage drops to a level slightly above the final voltage, the TORKEL issues an alarm and if there is a risk of deep discharging the battery, the TORKEL stops the test. All results are stored in the TORKEL and can easily be transferred to a PC via a USB drive.

Additionally, testing times are much shorter with the TORKEL900 series, thanks to their high discharge capacity. Discharging can take place at up to 220 A, and if higher current is needed, two or more TORKEL units or extra load units (TXL) can be linked together.

The TORKEL900 series has three models available: 910, 930, and 950, depending on the maximum current (up to 220 A), voltage (up to 500 V), and functionality required.

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