• Alarms when the real fault is identified
  • Direct measurement of resistance and stray capacitance
  • Direct measurement of fault current and leakage current
  • Adjustable current and voltage limits
  • Powered off AC or internal battery
  • Locates faults up to 400 kΩ
  • Locate faults on AC or DC systems
  • Operates on systems up to 600 V

The MGFL100 battery ground fault locator locates ground faults on ungrounded DC and AC systems, DC battery systems, and protected IT networks. It also alarms when the real fault is found, while automatically distinguishing between real fault current and reactive current drawn by stray system capacitance.

The MGFL100 measures the earth/ground fault resistance, the system capacitance, the real fault current, and the reactive leakage current. It also locates high impedance ground faults due to water ingress, as well as ground faults on systems with high leakage current. The MGFL100 makes locating the ground fault fast and easy by alarming when the circuit with a real ground fault is located. No complicated tuning out of noise or capacitance is required. Easily trace the fault with the lightweight transmitter and receiver. Set both password protected voltage and current limits to ensure you never put too much current in your system.

The MGFL100 also enables you trace short-to-ground faults, or earth faults, by directly coupling to the line. This can be done either off-line or on-line using a coupling filter.

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