• Expands the range of capacitance and power factor/dissipation factor for DELTA4000 units
  • Capable of tuning capacitances up to 1μF at 10 kV
  • Hand-crank tuning wheel
  • Core gap gauge that displays position of inductor core
  • Large wheels and handles for easy transport
  • Adapter kits available to use with older Resonating Inductor models

The Resonating Inductor and Adapter Kits are capacitance range extenders, an accessory used to expand the capacitance range of the DELTA4000 automated insulation power factor test sets.

The Resonating Inductor is connected in parallel with the internal power supply of the test set. A manual tuning wheel on the instrument varies the inductance to tune the parallel circuit for minimum load current. The Resonating Inductor is self-contained and air-insulated, housed in a sturdy metal enclosure welded throughout to withstand the rigors of field operation. Large wheels and handles are provided for convenience in transportation.

The Adapter Kits are designed for those who already own a resonating inducator and need to connect a DELTA4000 power factor test set.

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