• Integrated onboard LCD touch-screen display
  • Multi-coloured graphics with intuitive navigation
  • Built-in report generator, timer, and event logging
  • High-speed sampling and data recording
  • Measure and display up to four voltages and four currents simultaneously
  • Accurate phase angle measurements at low current levels
  • Low-level AC/DC inputs available
  • Portable battery-operated instrument
  • Standard case and a rugged model

The PMM-2 is an ideal instrument for use in general electrical systems maintenance, electrical machine repairs, protective relay testing or in monitoring power at the electrical service entrance. Motor starting currents, voltages, and power can be captured for analysis.

The PMM-2 is designed to perform fast, accurate checking and testing of protective relay and meter installations during their commissioning and in routine maintenance.

For meter installations, unit can be configured to measure phase-to-phase voltage and single-phase current amplitudes and phase angles. Combined with a voltage or current source, the PMM-2 also becomes an excellent tool for testing and calibrating virtually any type of protective relay. 


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