• Simultaneous measurement and display of all three-phase system parameters
  • Accurate phase angle measurement at low current levels
  • Versatile, menu-driven instrument with a built-in timer and data-logging
  • High-speed measurement mode

The PMM1 power multifunction measuring instrument is a portable, battery or line operated, multifunction measuring instrument designed to measure AC primary and secondary currents, voltage power, reactive power, phase angle, and frequency of single and three-phase systems. A high speed recording feature can capture starting currents of three-phase motors and all measured values are displayed on a large easy-to-read graphic display.

The PMM-1 is an ideal instrument for use in general electrical systems maintenance, electrical machine repairs, protective relay testing, or in monitoring power at the electrical service entrance. The PMM-1 is designed to perform fast, accurate checking and testing of protective relays and meter installations during their commissioning and in routine maintenance.

The unique firmware in the PMM-1, combined with a built-in, microprocessor-based timer, is specifically designed to ease testing and commissioning of protective relay systems, including induction unit pickup and timing tests. The internal timer responds to a variety of start and stop gates, including the application of AC or DC voltage, and opening or closing of dry contacts.

The PMM-1 is a menu-driven instrument equipped with data retention and data-logging capabilities. It can be used to automatically store measured data at user defined intervals from one minute to 60 minutes. The date and time can also be set, which can be used to start and stop data logging. Indeed, up to 286 three-phase data sets can be stored in its non-volatile memory. So 24 hours (1 day) of data logging can be achieved at 5-minute intervals or 72 hours (3 days) using 15-minute intervals. This feature provides the ability to conduct load and voltage surveys.

The portable PMM-1 allows current measurements to be made without disconnecting the current wires through the use of clamp type current transformers. Measured quantities can be printed to an external printer or downloaded to a PC for further analysis as RS-232 data and parallel printer ports are provided.

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