• Records voltage and current at the meter
  • Ideal for split-phase residential & light commercial investigations
  • Detects sags, swells, flicker, loose neutrals & harmonic events
  • Installs quickly & safely

The MR-4 meter adapter recorder simultaneously records the two line currents in addition to the two line voltages, plus it computes the line-to-line voltage and neutral current.

The MR-4 is a complete recorder in a meter adapter​, able to record voltage and current at the meter. It is also installed quickly and safely as there are no external boxes or connections, and no customer panel boxes left open.

The MR-4 uses a very high speed Digital Signal Processor sampling at 256 samples/cycle. This provides measurements that are true RMS beyond the 50th harmonic, and allows capture of subcycle events as fast as 65 microseconds. The stringent demands of power quality sensitive equipment in home offices and light commercial establishments makes high speed sampling mandatory.

The recorder has half-cycle response time, allowing you to capture subcycle events (as mentioned earlier), as well as flicker recording and viewing real-time data while recording. The large 128 Kb standard memory easily allows recording for more than a week. The MR-4 recorders also have LEDs, so your problem investigators can see, at a glance, if an event has occurred. They show recording status, swells, sags, flicker, and suspected loose neutrals

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