• Proven power train
  • Automated testing
  • Proven power train
  • Zero DC offset
  • Rugged instrumentation and controls
  • Direct connection of draw-out type breakers
  • Integral clock/calendar
  • Easy-to-read display

The PS-9130 and PS-9160 of universal circuit breaker test sets are specifically designed to test low voltage power circuit breakers and molded-case circuit breakers that are equipped with thermal magnetic or solid-state trip devices by simulating an overload or fault condition. They are universal in application, able to test virtually all low voltage, molded-case, and metal-clad direct-acting AC circuit breakers. They can also be used for other high current applications such as performing ratio tests on current transformers and heat runs, or primary injection testing, on high voltage breakers and their associated protective relays.

The PS-9130 is rated for testing breakers rated up to 3000 amperes and the PS-9160 is rated for testing breakers rated up to 6000 amperes. The PS-9130 and PS-9160 have identical features, instrumentation, and operational characteristics, with their only differences being their size, weight, and maximum output current capacity. Both units are controlled by the Model PLC-2000 Prime Logic Controls, a microprocessor that monitors the output, stores the test data and performs the automatic test functions. After the test information is stored, Model PLC-2000 can print the test data using a built-in RS-232 printer port.

Each test set is an integrated test system that provides a variable high current output. They incorporate all the control circuitry and instrumentation necessary to test direct-acting circuit breakers accurately, efficiently, and safely.

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