• Automated testing
  • Fast setup
  • Tests a wide range of air-frame circuit breakers
  • Portable, lightweight, rugged, three-piece chassis
  • Test result printout capability

The PS-9116 microprocessor-based circuit breaker test set is part of the PS line of primary injection circuit breaker test sets that incorporate the latest developments in high current transformers, SCR-controlled output, and microprocessor-based control.

It combines lightweight, modular portability with high current output capacity and maximum testing flexibility and can test most low voltage breakers rated to 1600 amperes. This model incorporates the Model PLC-2000 controller and instrumentation package for storing and printing test results in the field or office.

The PS-9116 provides all the controls, instrumentation, and output capabilities to test low voltage circuit breakers in a three-module configuration:

  • Module 1: Model PLC-2000 controller and instrumentation package contains a microprocessor-based control and instrumentation package for automated testing of low voltage circuit breakers.
  • Module 2: Driver module contains the coarse and fine current controls, along with the SCR-initiate package.
  • Module 3: Output module contains the high current output transformer and the current sensors.

Each module is housed in its own rugged, compact enclosure. The test set is easily transported and may be connected to the test device by cables or stab assemblies and it comes complete with all interconnect cables.

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