• State-of-the-art, high voltage DFR instrument tailored for field testing of power transformers, bushings, current transformers, voltage transformers, cables, and more.

  • The IDAX322 instrument and its accessories are designed for the most demanding field conditions

  • 2 kV peak and 50 mA capacity – ideal for low capacitance objects such as bushings and instrument transformers

  • Best hardware and specifications for the most accurate results

  • Easy-to-use software with integrated assessment guidance aligned with standards and informed by 25+ years of field experience with DFR technology.

  • Megger state-of-the-art Individual Temperature Correction (ITC) algorithm and 1 Hz power factor/dissipation factor/tan delta assessment.

The IDAX 322 insulation diagnostic tester is a high voltage instrument based on DFR (Dielectric Frequency Response), also known as FDS (Frequency Domain Spectroscopy). DFR is a measurement technique in which capacitance and losses (dissipation factor/tan delta or power factor) is measured over multiple frequencies to assess insulation condition in test objects such as power transformers, bushings, and instrument transformers. DFR technology is an established test procedure in laboratories that Megger has adapted for field use in the IDAX range of instruments.

In the latest release, the IDAX software incorporates a new ITC corrected frequency sweep specifically designed for assessment of instrument transformers and bushings. The IDAX is exceedingly easy to use with an automated test flow and presentation of results in an easy to understand ‘traffic light’ colours. The IDAX DFR method is now part of international guides and standards e.g., Cigre TB 254, Cigre TB 414, Cigre TB 445, Cigre TB 775, IEEE C57.152-2013, IEEE C57.161-2018.


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