• Immediate power frequency (50/60 Hz) insulation condition assessment with 1 Hz power factor/tan delta

  • Precise temperature correction based on insulation deterioration with patented Individual Temperature Correction (ITC)

  • Guided test forms streamline testing and condition assessment of critical high voltage assets

  • Simplified connection to bushing taps using quick disconnect clamps and 4 mm banana plug sockets

  • Portable, lightweight, and rugged two-piece design

  • Accurate measurements under high noise conditions (765 kV substations)

  • Industrial 300 mm (12 in) touch screen controller option

The DELTA4000 is an automatic 12 kV insulation power factor/tan delta test set designed for the immediate condition assessment of electrical insulation. In addition to traditional power frequency (50/60 Hz) testing, the DELTA4000 uses 1 Hz power factor/tan delta to enhance power frequency assessment of high voltage transformers, bushings, circuit breakers, cables, lightning arresters, and rotating machines. Using the same connection and software as power frequency tests, 1 Hz improves maintenance planning by reducing the need for historical trending and proprietary databases.

Two configurations make up the series:

  • DELTA4110 – comes with an external computer (not included) and consists of the DELTA4100 control unit and DELTA4010 high voltage unit

  • DELTA4310A – comes with a touch screen display interface and an on-board computer, PowerDB software, and printer. It allows you to connect to and control the MWA300, TTR300/310E, MTO300, MLR10, and some Megger insulation resistance instruments

The high power variable frequency design generates its own test signal independent of line frequency quality, and the hardware design uses the latest technology available for digital filtering of the response signal. As a result, the DELTA4000 series produces reliable results and stable readings in the shortest time with the highest accuracy, even in high interference substations.

The DELTA4000 series operates with PowerDB software for automatic testing and reporting or with Delta Control software for real-time manual testing.

Measurements include voltage, current, power (loss), power factor/tan delta, inductance, power factor, and capacitance. The test results are automatically stored in the computer and can also be downloaded directly to a USB drive or a printer.


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