• Fault pre-location up to 400 kV
  • Testing up to 400 kV
  • VLF with 70 kV
  • ARM up to 50 kV 

With its standard 110 kV/290 mA DC testing, up to 50 kV ARM pre-location, and 3 kV to 50 kV surging with up to 2500 J, the R 30 Test Van System covers all testing requirements, from low voltage to high voltage, without any difficulty.

The system offers an optional 0.1 Hz cosine rectangular test system up to 70 kV RMS and testable cable capacity of 5 µF at 0,1 Hz, burning with 15 kV/25 A and surging with 80 kV and 3200 J. For higher voltages, the R 30 system can be optionally equipped with up to 400 kV DC and 400 kV decay.

All operational modes are controlled by a central control panel that selects the operation via motor-driven high voltage switches. Like all Megger products, the R 30 includes an extensive safety system, providing maximum safety for the operator, as well as nearby personnel and equipment, during the operation of the system.


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