State-of-the-art power transformer testing

TRAX is the most complete power transformer diagnostics test system. It integrates fundamental and advanced tests with unique features to ease analysis and evaluation of a transformer’s overall condition in the field

• WRM at 100A and 50V compliance voltage for faster saturation of large or high inductance transformers.

•  True dynamic resistance measurement of OLTC (Megger innovation) to determine the real magnitude of transition resistances and transition times.

• Adaptive demagnetization for the fastest and most efficient demagnetization on the market.

Leading tan delta / power factor testing technology

With the TDX120 add-on, the TRAX becomes are the most advanced tan delta /power factor testing instrument on the market. Its unique features allow better assessment of the insulation system.

• Tan delta / power factor testing at 12 kV and 500 mA for successful testing of high capacitance objects without the use of an external inductor.

• Individual Temperature Correction (ITC – Megger innovation) for accurate and automated temperature normalization to 20 °C, to avoid use of outdated correction tables. True correction based on dielectric response analysis.• Voltage Dependence Detecion (VDD – Megger innovation). Automatic detection of voltage dependence and alert to run a tip-up test. This is of particular value to oil-paper insulation systems, for which a stepped voltage test is not normally performed.

• Narrowband DFR testing capabilities from 1 – 500 Hz.

• Megger state of the art Individual Temperature Correction algorithm and 1 Hz power factor/dissipation factor/tan delta assessment

Circuit breaker analyzer included

TRAX includes Megger’s market leading circuit breaker testing technology and is the only multifunctional test set on the market that offers the following tests:

•Timing test (O, C, OC, CO & OCO)

• Coil supply voltage (Station voltage)

• Pre-insertion resistance (PIR)

• Open coil current

• Breaker analysis graphs (timing, voltage, current)

Manual control

TRAX offers full manual control of inputs and outputs  – a unique tool for immediate troubleshooting. Routine procedures can be reproduced or modified using the Manual Control features to vary voltage, current and/or frequency. TRAX is a portable metrology laboratory ideal for advanced users, research institutions and root cause analysis specialists. Manual Control gives you access to control and operate:

• 10 generators (AC & DC; voltage and current)

•  6 measurement channels (AC & DC; voltage and current)

• Electrical formulae calculator

• Real-time Oscilloscope







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