• Suitable for testing timing and travel on all circuit breakers with single interrupter per phase
  • Extremely easy-to-use and reliable
  • Two separate timing channels for measurement of auxiliary contacts
  • Analogue measurement channels for travel transducers or general voltage/current measurements
  • Static and dynamic resistance measurements along with the SDRM201 accessory

The EGIL circuit breaker tester is intended for circuit breakers with one contact per phase. The EGIL incorporates features commonly found on more complex test systems, but is designed to be smaller, simpler to use and less expensive than other similar test sets.

The EGIL has three channels connected together on one side and two separate time channels for measuring auxiliary contacts. Events at parallel contacts are recorded and displayed simultaneously via pre-insertion resistors.

To simplify on-site connection, the EGIL comes with ready-made multi-cable sets for both the main and auxiliary contacts. Coil currents are measured automatically and presented, together with other readings, immediately after testing on the display window or via the built-in printer. Additionally, the EGIL has a built-in breaker control unit that sets the instrument automatically for the next sequential breaker operation, making it easy and intuitive to use.

Using the EGIL with the the SDRM and the SDRM accessory enables you to perform static and dynamic resistance tests and the EGIL can also be equipped with an optional USB interface for communication with a PC and the CABA Win circuit breaker analysis software.


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