• Mid-range circuit breaker analyser providing a new level of accuracy to your standard measurements
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive operation offers final measurement results with a minimum of user interaction
  • Measurement performance inherited from market leader Megger TM series circuit breaker analysers
  • Instrument and accessories designed for the most demanding field conditions

The EGIL200 circuit breaker tester is the first incarnation in a new range of circuit breaker analysers from Megger. It has been designed in close cooperation with global industry reference groups, drawing experience from the market leading and hugely successful Megger TM series of circuit breaker analysers. The emphasis in the development of the EGIL200 has been on ease of use, ensuring that the time spent on setting up measurements is kept to a minimum. As such, with the EGIL200, you can get your test results in no time. Connection to the test object has also been streamlined so you only need to connect the test leads once to perform all the following measurements or operations:

1. Timing of main and PIR contacts
2. Coil current analysis of close, open 1 and 2 coils
3. Station voltage measurements
4. Motion measurements
5. Motor current measurement

With both the main instrument and its accessories designed for the most demanding field conditions, the EGIL200 is your complete toolbox for daily, hassle-free circuit breaker condition assessments.

Product Documents

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