• Top class measurement and accuracy
  • Automatic test sequence
  • Bi-polar pre-location for the elimination of external influences
  • Detection and indication of wrong connections
  • Only one high voltage connection cable
  • Completely independent of the parameters of auxiliary lines
  • Easy Go operating system
HVB10 is a highly accurate high voltage (HV) bridge designed to locate cable and sheath faults, perform sheath testing, and pinpoint sheath faults. It is particularly suited for long HV cables.
With its top resolution, intermittent fault detection function, and load adaptation for faster cable charging, the HVB10 is an indispensable tool for all utilities that want to reduce downtime and facilitate the repair of power in, for example, pilot and communication cables.
The HVB10 has two different methods for fault location: „
  • The standard mode: This provides good results for typical sheath faults faults with fault resistances of up to some hundreds of kilo Ohms and shield cross sections in the range of 25 to 50 mm2. This measurement is typically done in app 30 seconds „
  • The high accuracy mode: This takes approximately 1 minute for the algorithm to complete, but will use the full potential of the measuring and control circuits of the instrument. Thus, it is ideally suited for pre-locating difficult, high-resistive faults (e.g., in the inner insulation of PILC cables). An intermittent fault detection algorithm is applied to gain a result under even worse conditions with sparking faults.

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