• Automatic adaptation to voltage level
  • Automatic filtration of interfering signals
  • Automatic zero calibration, no adjustments necessary
  • History mode
  • High-contrast colour display
  • 50/60 Hz Mode for fault locating on low voltage cables (ESG NT2)
The ESG NT ground/earth fault locator is used to accurately pinpoint cable sheath faults. It comes with an automatic calibration, keeping the display always at zero so you don’t need to make any adjustments, and an integrated noise suppression feature that filters out all noise influences from DC, railway currents, industrial plants, and highly resistive soil environments.
By using two earth rods, the ground step voltage potential can be measured and you can see the direction of the fault as indicated by the display. It is ideal for use in the field thanks to its bright, sun readable TFT colour display, and results are shown clearly as a bar graph. The ESG NT also comes with a history mode that allows you to view the deflections of the last 7 pulses.
The ESG NT is also available as combination set with the digiPHONE+ in one unit.
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