• Routine and advanced diagnostic tests
  • Centralized control and reporting
  • Two sets of cables (HV and LV) are shared among different instruments
  • Automated test circuit arrangement and switching process
  • Safe operation and user guidance through the tests
  • Easy extraction of mounted instruments for standalone use

The Power transformer test van gives you comprehensive, portable transformer testing and streamlines your on-site assessment of power transformer condition. This transformer test van is equipped with a selection of instruments and it arrives on site ready to start testing. It can rapidly yield and store results, and it even simplifies packing up for you! 

The dedicated transformer test van helps you perform a range of routine electrical tests and advanced diagnostic techniques. All the test techniques on the van are well-accepted and meet international standards. By integrating the multiple tests in to a single system, the van has the benefit of organising testing in to an automated workflow.

Commissioning testing confirms that the system conforms to the design parameters, while the ongoing maintenance tests confirm that no changes are occurring and confirm the safe, uninterrupted operation of the power transformer and substation. At heart of the system is a switch box that commutates the test leads between several measuring devices and test schemes, minimising transformer climbing and giving you a safe and comfortable working environment.

What’s more, the test leads are stored on drums and connected to the selection of instruments in the van using automatic switching, reducing the time you waste and improving your safety as you don’t have to continuously climb the transformer to reconnect the test leads

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