• 50 ft (15 m) test cable
  • Two-piece design for easy portability
  • Solid-state digital timer
  • Additional phase angle settings for testing protectors that incorporate solid-state relays
  • High current output for instantaneous test
  • High output power for mechanical low voltage closing tests

The NTS-300A network protector test set is a self-contained, two-piece test set designed for complete testing of General Electric and Westinghouse secondary network protectors.

The unit performs operational tests on 216 and 480 volt network protectors; it can also be used for troubleshooting tests on the operating mechanism and on both electromechanical and solid-state network relays. The two-piece design of the NTS-300A enables you to transport the unit and easily lower it into a manhole.

Many standard features are incorporated in the Megger NTS-300A to simplify testing and increase accuracy. It has a high current output from 0 to 25 amperes, enabling you to test high instantaneous settings and verify trip characteristics at 120 and 240 degrees. It also has 0, 10, and 60 degree phasing angles. Standard closing angles of 0 and 60 degrees are required to do closing tests, however the 10 degree angle is required for relays set to a leading angle of ±5 degrees, and will also do closing tests at 0 degree settings. What’s more, it has autoranging, solid-state digital meters that provide easy reading of trip currents, closing voltages, and supply voltages. The digital display of the NTS-300A eliminates parallax, interpretation, interpolation, and reading errors associated with analogue scales.

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