• Automated eight-terminal/six-winding measurement capability
  • Interchangeable lead set with the Megger three-phase series of TTRs
  • Simultaneous winding magnetization for fast and accurate DC winding resistance measurements of high inductive loads
  • Tests operation of on-load tap changers
  • Built-in auto-demagnetization feature
  • Automatic discharge
  • One-time connection principle results in a 4x faster setup time

The MTO300 series of automated six-winding transformer ohmmeters delivers full eight-terminal/six-winding resistance measurement capability. It’s designed to save you time by testing all normal six windings without having to disconnect and reconnect leads during testing. Also, the simultaneous winding magnetization (SWM) method gives fast and reliable measurements, even on large transformers with delta configuration on the low voltage side.

Additionally, the MTO300 series leads are interchangeable with the Megger TTR300 series of three-phase turns ratio instruments, eliminating additional connecting time for turns ratio measurements. So, if you need to test both turns ratio and winding resistance, you can save time and money since only one lead set is needed to connect to the transformer.

The series consists of the MTO300 and the MTO330A:

  • The MTO300 base model is designed to be remote controlled via PowerDB software on an external PC or a Megger transformer test product with on-board computer.
  • The MTO330A offers the same functionality as the MTO300 but is equipped with an industrial grade, 12-inch touch controller. The display is designed to operate in direct sunlight (1600 nits brightness), and all the components are rated to operate from -20 °C to +50 °C. An additional feature that has been added to the MTO330A is the “safety shutdown” which automatically saves results and properly shuts controller down in the event of an abrupt power disruption.
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