• Rugged, small, lightweight, field portable
  • 14, 19, and 32 pin cable adapters built-in
  • Used with Megger relay test systems
  • Simulate three-pole or single-pole trip and reclose
  • Use sequencer test to easily perform trip and reclose tests on both electronic controller and recloser

The ERTS electronic recloser test simulator has been designed to interconnect to Megger’s MPRT, SMRT, and FREJA 400/500 relay test systems to easily field test electronically controlled reclosers. The ERTS has 14, 19, and 32 pin cable adapters to directly interface with the most common forms of reclosers such as the G&W Viper®, Elastimold® MVR, with SEL 351R and SEL 651R, and Cooper Forms 4, 5, and 6 recliners.

The ERTS provides the interface between the Megger relay test system and the recloser. The ERTS is used to test both the electronic recloser control and test the electrical operation of the recloser. The three different multi-pin connectors provide flexibility in the different types of reclosers that the ERTS can simulate and test. The Megger relay test units provide the individual test currents and voltages through the interface unit, and monitor the individual trip and reclose circuits from the simulator.

The relay test systems are controlled by the Relay Test and Management Software (RTMS ) sequencer test screen to simulate prefault, fault, and reclose scenarios. Sequencer test templates are provided for 2, 3, and 4 shots to lockout scenarios. You can easily reprogramme the sequencer test for single pole trip and reclose if desired. Different trip and reclose tests can be saved to the software memory for recall and test at a later date. Test results can also be saved to the internal memory of the software for download into a database at a later time.

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