• High accuracy and wide measurement range
  • Fast and automatic measurement process
  • Measures capacitive, resistive, or inductive test objects
  • High accuracy ratio measurements with direct reading of measured ratio
  • Works with any standard capacitor or resistor value without any recalculations
  • All standard UST and GST configurations
  • Low weight, only 4.4 kg
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface designed for both standard PC and touch screen operation
  • Optional LabView and C# computer interfaces CDAX Control

The CDAX605 high precision capacitance and power factor/dissipation factor measuring instrument is a test set designed to be used with an external power source/generator. This high precision tester uses a combination of bridge and direct (vector) measurements and is capable of measuring capacitive, resistive, and inductive loads.

With the CDAX 605, testing can be performed at almost any voltage level, pending on the rating of the equipment and the power source and the capacitor. The unit will accept a test current up to 5 A from the insulation under test which can be increased by using an external current transformer.

The CDAX 605 has been designed for laboratory, production line, or field testing of electrical equipment insulation and insulating materials, as well as the calibration of CCVTs and other ratio devices. It is a test set with unique high accuracy for the most demanding applications and together with a high voltage AC source and a standard capacitor, forms a complete setup for insulation testing.

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