• Continuous testing with AC voltages up to 75 kVRMS at 1 kVA
  • Expandable with a second transformer for testing up to 150 kVRMS
  • Built-in overload protection
  • DC testing up to 80 kV with optional rectifier
  • Compact and light 

The T22/1 high voltage test system is a portable test set consisting of two separate units: the control unit and the high voltage unit. This division enables the operator to use the test set on site without transport aids. The test set can be equipped with a rectifier attachment for DC voltage testing up to 80 kV. The light and compact high voltage transformer, insulated with insulating gas (SF 6), produces a high voltage of 75 kVRMS. The voltage is continuously adjustable from 0 to 75 kV using a regulating transformer.

The instrument is primarily used for AC voltage testing low capacity test objects (e.g., metal-enclosed high voltage switchgears), and DC voltage testing cable systems and equipment up to 80 kV using a rectifier attachment. When using the attachment to generate a DC voltage, the voltage can be measured by using a separate measuring resistor and the M 401 measuring unit.

In the basic version for AC voltage testing, the output voltage is calculated and indicated by measuring the primary voltage of the high voltage transformer and converted using the turn factor (M 402 measuring unit). Alternatively, the voltage can be measured on high voltage potential cables by using a measuring resistor and the M 402/1 unit.

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