• A powerful system: continuous operation at 1.2 kVA; 60 min. short operation at up to 3 kVA
  • Compact, maintenance free
  • Cast-resin, high voltage transformers
  • Separate control and high voltage units
  • Continuously adjustable voltage

The HPG 35/58/78 AC high voltage test sets are suitable for 50 and 60 Hz AC testing of low capacity test objects. Optionally, these units can also be upgraded to function as DC test sets via a one-way rectifier. Typical application areas include testing switchgears, current transformers, and medium voltage plant/components.

The series consists of:

  • HPG 35 AC testing up to 35 kVRMS
  • HPG 58 AC testing up to 58 kVRMS
  • HPG 78 AC testing up to 78 kVRMS

The two-piece design of these instruments allows the operator to use the unit at a safe distance. The control unit is used to operate the high voltage transformer and consists of a variac, current/voltage display instruments, a timer for the test duration, and a safety circuit.

The low voltage winding can be continuously excited from zero to the maximum value so that a certain output is available for a pre-determined period. The operating duration depends on the application, ranging from a few minutes to continuous operation.

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