• Energy sources: batteries and ultra-caps

  • Power units: DC/DC current converters- Internationally patented

  • Current rate of rise can be adjusted

  •  Power source from batteries, buffer through ultra-caps „

  • Current generator: DC/DC current converters „

  • Current rising slope according to IEC 61992-2 (Traction Power Substations) and IEC 60077-2 (Rolling Stock) „

  • Adjustable parameters of the Circuit Breaker Trip Current „

  • USB and Ethernet RJ45 Interfaces 

  • BALTO Win – Communication software for PC 

  • Test reports 

  • Bespoke connection for high speed circuit breakers 

  • Registered international patents

The BALTO Compact 4000 DC high current circuit breaker tester was developed to generate, and inject into the circuit, very high and precise DC test currents in order to carry out functional tests on high speed DC circuit breakers. These very high currents are injected in the main circuit of DC high speed circuit breakers and allow control of the entire circuit including the measurement elements, current converters, and protection relays.

Designed with the user in mind, this innovative mobile Megger Balto system is useable for up to 4000 A, which meets the challenges of the manufacturers and users of DC high speed circuit breakers. Special attention was given to the weight and size of this compact version resulting in an ergonomic design that permits usage in small spaces.

The BALTO Compact 4000 has been developed specifically for testing DC high speed circuit breakers at rolling stock, tramways, and primary infrastructure. It is also suitable for on-board maintenance in marine applications.


Product Documents

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