• Multirange ammeter with switch-selected burdens

  • Ideal for field testing current transformer installations

  • Spring-loaded switch to automatically remove the burden from the circuit

  • Rugged and portable

  • Optional carrying case available

The BA-185 current transformer burden ammeter is a rugged, portable instrument, designed to field-test current transformer (CT) installations. It’s ideal for short-circuited primary and secondary turns as well as short-circuited secondary wiring, high-resistance connections in the secondary circuit, grounding of secondary winding when mounted on a grounded structure, and grounding of a normally ungrounded wire.

This multi-range ammeter also incorporates switch-selected burdens. The burdens are normally shorted out, but can be put in series with the ammeter by a spring-loaded momentary switch. This spring-loaded switch means that once the test is completed and the switch is released, it will automatically remove the burden from the circuit. The BA-185 has been designed to ensure that the secondary circuit of the CT under test will not be accidentally opened; a make-before-break construction has been used for the ammeter range and burden selector switches.

The instrument is easy-to-read and use, with uniformly spaced divisions and a rugged, clear plastic cover for excellent visibility and toughness. All leads extend away from you as you are working, so as to prevent contact with live components. An optional carrying case is also available if needed.


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