• Foil keyboard with LEDs for selecting the pulse width
  • 24 hours of operation with one battery charge
  • Impulse couplers available in size 42 and 64 mm
  • Evaluation identical to the PD pre-location
  • Can work in mixed cable networks
  • Easy to connect
  • Battery-operated transmitter

The PD Loc partial discharge (PD) pinpointing system is used to precisely locate any identified PD weak spots during an off-line PD diagnosis. In most cases, exact joint positions or cable parts are unknown and can’t be found using audio-frequency methods, but the PD LOC solves this problem, enabling joints and cable parts to be precisely found and replaced as part of a regular preventative maintenance program.

The PD LOC system solves the problem of pinpointing for a wide range and mix of cables (XLPE/PILC) and for PD in joints of single core cables using an impulse transmitter that uses a inductive coupler to inject a signal into the cable. The result is then sent to a receiving and evaluating unit consisting of an input amplifier for processing the signal and a control unit.


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