• Partial discharge diagnostics with VLF sinusoidal voltage up to 62 kVpeak
  • Weighs only 14.5 kg, the lightest PD measuring unit on the market
  • Real-time data evaluation and display of results, no post-processing needed
  • General and localised phase resolved PD pattern (PRPD) display for defect type recognition

The PDS 62-SIN portable partial discharge (PD) detection and localisation system give you fast and reliable information about the quality and the condition of your cables, making it particularly useful for Network Operators.

Thanks to the PDS 62-SIN, for the first time it has become possible to immediately locate faults in underground cables during the actual PD measurement. The PDS 62-SIN has been designed for all Megger VLF Sinusoidal testers up to 62 kVpeak.

Thanks to the PD detector software, it has never been easier to perform PD measurements, starting with the real-time data analysis and display of results during the actual measurement, and ending with the highest flexibility in creating customised reports. Furthermore, the PD detector software will support you with data evaluation by means of so-called ‘Phase Resolved Partial Discharge (PRPD)’ patterns. With help from these PRPD patterns, you can distinguish between different types of PD defects, such as corona or internal PD. This is of major importance for partial discharges located at terminations; corona discharges are not problematic, whereas internal PD is.

With its weight of only 15 kg, the PDS 62-SIN is the lightest PD measuring unit on the market. The PDS 62-SIN comes with all accessories needed to perform PD measurements, like the in-house and certified PD calibrator, laptop, and connection cables.


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