VLF Sine Wave 45 kV
  • Test capacity of up to 1 0μF – that’s up to 40 km or 25.8 miles of cable at reduced frequency and voltage
  • Internal tan delta option with automatic results interpretation
  • One minute burn after fault detection
  • Automatic frequency adjustment based on cable length
  • Adjustable DC pulse rates of 1:3 and 1:4
  • IEEE compliant withstand testing for new installations up to 25 kV
  • IEEE 400.2 compliant maintenance testing up to 35 kV
  • IEC 60229 compliant sheath testing up to 20 kV DC
The VLF Sine Wave 45 kV is a compact VLF sine wave test system with optional integrated tan delta. It is a useful instrument for the commissioning, testing, and condition analysis of medium voltage cables. This unit performs very low frequency (VLF), DC, and sheath integrity testing as well as sheath fault pinpointing when combined with the optional ESG NT step voltage probe. Ideal for both routine testing and complicated diagnostics, the VLF Sine Wave 45 kV has a multi-purpose design with a continuous duty cycle.
For 0.1 Hz sine wave, rectangular, or DC voltage tests, the VLF Sine Wave 45 kV provides enhanced voltage quality and stability. In the event of excessive charge, its current integrated breakdown detection shuts down the test, ensuring limited damage to the cable. Up to 1000 measurements can be stored in the internal memory and results can be viewed on the unit or downloaded via the USB drive to the included Easyprot software for reporting.
An optional internal tan delta test is available that automatically evaluates results for PE, XLPE, and PILC type cables based on insulation and selected compliance standard.

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