• Delivers 1600 J at 12.5/25 kV
  • 30 kV DC high voltage proof/burn and displays insulation resistance
  • E-Tray automatic test sequence to proof test, prelocate, and pinpoint
  • ARC reflection MV cable prelocation
  • ICE MV cable pre-location
  • Multi-shot technology for ARM*
  • Earth gradient low voltage fault locating and sheath fault locating
  • Interprets test results for you
  • 7.0 in HiBrite colour display
  • IP53 rating for wet environments
  • Safety/grounding check
  • USB interface

The Smart Thump ST25-30 portable/vehicle mount cable fault locating system is a safe, efficient, and extremely easy-to-use solution for quickly identifying, pre-locating, and pinpointing a range of different types of cable faults in power cables. This instrument is ideal for operations departments of power utility companies, electrical departments within municipalities, private network operators, high voltage electrical contractors, service companies, port authorities, mining, airports, military bases, petrochemical companies, and paper companies.

The ST25-30 has been developed to meet the requirements for typical medium voltage distribution cable fault location markets from 11 to 35 kV system voltage and incorporates “E-Tray” technology, an automatic test sequence that helps proof test, pre-locate, and pinpoint faults, and that has been used in multiple other Megger products with great success.

The ST25-30 represents a new generation of advanced underground cable fault locating systems that require less training than a traditional thumper-only system, while providing the big advantage of displaying the distance to fault. It is the only fault locator with built-in intelligence to interpret the results of the initial test sequence.

The ‘turn and click’ rotary button operation lets you automatically proof test, pre-locate, and pinpoint the fault from one convenient control console. No adjustments are typically required. The unit automatically sets the thump voltage to minimise the stress applied to the cable. The ST25-30 features an automatic safety check to protect you from incorrect or faulty connections (F-Ohm). The heavy-duty wheels of the unit are ideal for use in rough terrain. The IP53 rating allows operation in wet environments. The ST25-30 can also be permanently installed in a vehicle (truck mount version).

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