Fault Sniffer 2

  • Consumers can remain connected to the grid during troubleshooting, giving you more time to work and preventing lost revenue
  • No service provider or cable test van necessary, saving you money
  • Two-sensor technology detects natural gases and warns you about them, preventing errors in results
  • Operating time >10h with one battery charge

The Fault Sniffer 2 cable fault locator for underground low voltage networks can save you time and money. With the Fault Sniffer 2 you can go to cable fault location yourself and find cable faults quickly and safely without the use of service providers or a cable test van.

Most cable faults result in burns of the cable sheath. The resulting gases are sucked in and detected by the vacuum technology in the Fault Sniffer 2. The data is evaluated in real time and gives you a graphical representation of the combustion gas concentration. The intelligent two-sensor technology also detects natural gases and differentiates them from combustion gases, preventing errors in results.


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