Teleflex SX-1


r Standalone operation or operation in conjunction with surge wave generators (thumpers)

r Single jog dial operation with piechart interface and ‘No-User-Intervention Auto mode’ ARM

r Multi-shot technology with 15 fault traces per arc reflection shot

r ProRange distance-dependent de-attenuation for significantly improved images of far-away reflections

r Supports all existing HV pre-location methods

r ‘Auto-ranging’ cable end recognition, ‘Auto-find’ cursor to fault position

r Rugged, robust, outdoor field-ready case

The Teleflex SX-1 is a portable two-channel time domain reflectometer (TDR) designed to provide quick, effective, accurate, and safe pre-location of faults in cable installations. It supports all high voltage pre-loaction methods, comes with multi-shot technology with 15 fault traces per arc reflection shot, and can be operated on its own or in conjunction with surge wave generators (thumpers).

You can operate the instrument via a single jog dial and an intuitive software interface on a large, bright, colour touch screen display. This makes operating the unit easy, comfortable, and intuitive and supports the rapid acquisition of accurate results.

What’s more, the Teleflex SX-1 enables flexible working as it can be powered by its own a rechargeable battery or it can use the mains supply via a smart charger.

Product Documents

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